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Home Insurance Info

Whether at your Home or away, its important to know you have coverage to help protect your personal liability and belongings. We like to think of our homes as a safe-haven. After all, we own it. However, damage, Injuries and accidents can and do occur. That's why a good homeowners insurance policy is essential to protecting one of your largest and most important investments. Home insurance can cover you against:

Damage to your home structure: Homeowners insurance can help repair your house and other freestanding structures (garage, porch, sheds, etc.) if damaged by Mother Nature—rain, wind, lightning, hail, tornadoes—and by vandalism, vehicles, or fire. It can also help pay relocation expenses during your repairs.

Property theft and damage: If property (stuff) is stolen in a home burglary or damaged in a fire, homeowners insurance can help reimburse you for the cost to replace it. In some cases, this coverage applies away from home, (say, if your laptop is stolen from your car).

Personal liability: If guests are injured in your place, homeowners insurance helps protect you from paying their medical bills out of pocket. It can also help cover injuries you cause away from home (as long as they're accidental).

Keep in mind that most policies don't cover floods or earthquakes.

Home Insurance

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