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Louisiana Office of Consumer Advocacy

Lousiana Life Insurance Information

The Office of Consumer Advocacy was created by the Louisiana Legislature in 2007 with the primary purpose of educating consumers on insurance. Its main functions are assisting consumers with insurance questions and educating individuals on the Policyholder Bill of Rights. Consumer Advocacy staff frequently attend and coordinate events to accomplish these goals while explaining the resources available to them through the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

In conjunction with other divisions within the Department of Insurance such as the Property & Casualty and Health divisions, the Office of Consumer Advocacy receives and responds to all consumer questions regarding insurance. The office also reports violations of rules, regulations or laws to the appropriate official, division or office of the department, which may take further action as deemed appropriate.

The Consumer Advocacy staff also actively engages with the community through speaking engagements and provides informational brochures to consumers, civic associations, governmental organizations and other interested parties. To find out if find out if Consumer Advocacy staff will be in your area or to request a speaker for your organization or group, call (225) 219-0619 or send an email to

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