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Ohio Consumer Tips

Understanding the Importance and Basics of Life Insurance

Life insurance provides money typically to beneficiaries after a loved-one who has life insurance dies. Coverage is often provided by employers but can also be purchased separately through an insurance agent. The Ohio Department of Insurance urges consumers to regularly review their need to secure life insurance as part of their financial and estate planning.

Life Insurance Can Help:

  • Replace your income with non-taxable death benefit
  • Reduce the financial burden on your family of having to continue without you
  • Put the kids through school
  • Pay the mortgage, car note, and other debts you leave behind
  • Pay your funeral expenses
  • Pay your estate taxes

    Types of Life Insurance:

  • Term Life: Generally less expensive than other life insurance products and is designated for a certain time period or to a certain age. Term is named for the contract's limited length or "term" and is pure life insurance. Term policies generally last for 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, or to some specified age such as age 65 or age 100.
  • Whole Life: Lifetime coverage at a premium that does not increase with your age after you buy.
  • Universal Life: Premium amount and death benefit are both flexible. Able to change the amount of your premium payments and/or death benefit after you buy the policy. Increasing your premium payments as you age is important to maintaining your universal life policy.

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